Interior/Exterior Clear Coat – MudPaint


Our Clear Coat finish is perfect for all indoor and outdoor furniture paint projects!

Quart – 32 oz.

Why Is Our Clear Coat Unique?

The Finish: This matte finish is sooo smooth.  It preserves the antique or vintage look without being shiny.  The clear coat can be brushed on but has great self-leveling properties so that brush marks don’t show.

Protect Outdoor Pieces: Our clear coat is designed for excellent protection against UV damage that sunlight does to outdoor furniture.  With 2-3 coats and with thorough coverage of our clear coat you can then use our interior MudPaint on exterior pieces and have adequate protection against the elements.

Durability – This clear coat is great for cabinets, kitchen tables and any surface that needs to withstand a lot of wear.

Coverage – The clear coat goes far and can cover about 5 medium sized furniture pieces with 1 quart. Water-Based, Easy Clean Up – Although the clear coat is a beautiful, tough product, it is water based for easy clean up and is compatible with all water based paints.  It has no strong or offensive odors either.

Low VOC |LEED Compliant | Green Certified – The clear coat is a safe, low-VOC formula.

Use: Make sure to allow your paint to cure for at least 24 hours before applying the clear coat.  Apply it with a brush as thin as possible.  Also, make sure never to wipe across multiple MudPaint colors in one brush stroke or a smearing of colors might happen. Use a quality brush and for extra protection do up to 2-3 coats.

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